Things to Consider When Selecting Office Chairs

There are different things to consider when selecting office chairs, depending on who will be using the chair. If chairs will be used by many people, such as meeting room chairs, chairs at the security station, or chairs that will be used by shift workers, the major consideration has to be adjustability. Different people will need to be able to adjust the chair to accommodate height, arm rests, lumbar support, and tilt. Pricing for community chairs is usually less than chairs used by a professional or someone who will be at the desk a lot. To get reviews on affordable chairs, customers can go to for suggestions and comparisons.

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The back height of the chair can be determined by the tasks that will be completed at the desk. If the desk will be used for entering quick notes into the computer, for example, a low-back chair should be fine. That type supports the lumbar region and if perfect for sitting for short periods at a time. If detailed notes have to be completed, or reports read, a mid-back chair may be required to support the shoulder blades as well as the lumber area. It is also alright for lengthy stays, as long as the occupant will be getting up at regular intervals. It is rare that a high-back chair will be needed for shared chairs. They are typically for executives, and people who will spend all day in their office chairs. An explanation of what body parts are supported by which office chairs can be found at

People purchasing office chairs that will be primarily used for personal desks should consider ergonomics, adjustability, use, and style. It is customary to spend a little bit more money on a personal office chair because it will be used for many tasks throughout the day, every day. Consider what types of things will be done in the while in the chair. If people get up and down often, they will not need a high back chair or one that is extremely comfortable. Consider if it should have casters or straight legs. Moving from a computer desk, for example, to a desk for paperwork or reading is quicker and more efficient when the chair has wheels.